Book One: Gone World 

Gone World Ebook Cover

After traversing the barren wasteland of what used to be known as America, Jaden Lorel has lost hope in finding anything left. Everything he once knew is now gone and destroyed thanks to a rapid increase of natural disasters, civil unrest, and the collapse of society on a global scale. Things like schools, stadiums, restaurants, hospitals, and police stations are part of a past he can no longer return to. With each passing day, his will to survive in a dark and cold world grows smaller, until he learns about a place that has not only survived the apocalypse, but is thriving in the midst of it. Hesitant to the knowledge, Jaden must place his fears to the side in order to find safety in a gone world.

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Book Two: The Red Sea 

Baleezy (1)

Torn apart by the death of his former companion, Jaden Lorel sets out to sea in hopes of finding the Empyrean Island, but he soon discovers that this is no easy task. Low on food, water, and his will to survive, he encounters a ship filled with remaining survivors who are much like him; people searching for refuge in a destroyed world. Unfortunately, everybody aboard can’t be trusted with his knowledge of the Empyrean Island, and as resources grow scarce, Jaden becomes the target of many. Unsure of the future and what it will hold for him, he must face the dangers of the sea and somehow find the only place left in the world safe from the apocalypse.

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