Watchmen: The Great American Joke

Watchmen is one of my favorite movies of all time. I’ve probably watched the film close to a hundred times since it’s release in 2009 and not once have I regretted it. The film in my opinion is a masterpiece that combines fiction with reality in perfect fashion. In fact, it combines fiction with reality so well, that I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between the movie and the current state of America. Between the rising nuclear tensions on the planet, the internal collapse of the country, world war three, people behind the scenes controlling everything, and the energy crisis, it’s almost undeniable to see the correlation with today’s events.

Now a lot of movies that are put out contain what is called esoteric messages. These are messages that contain hidden knowledge for a few people to understand in their entirety. Not only are they prevalent in movies, but they also show up in music, artwork, books, politics, and pretty much every other aspect of society. It’s their way of telling us what will happen before it happens.

There are a few scenes throughout the movie that point to the ultimate demise of America and the ushering in of the New World Order. I will post the scenes for you to watch, then I will give my personal take on them. In no way am I forcing you to agree with me or even accept what I have personally observed. You are free to think how you feel and in no way will I judge you for your opinions. All I ask is that you digest the information with a open mind. With that let’s get started.

Scene 1: “What happened to the American Dream?” 

The character known as Nite Owl asks the Comedian, “what happened to the American dream?”, to which he responds, “your looking at it.” Now what exactly were they looking at? They’re looking at the fallen society of America. Many people are now realizing that the American government never really cared about the citizens and that part of the grand scheme involves the country’s own destruction. The economy is tanking, civil liberties are practically void these days, and the number of crimes has risen exponentially. America has reached her end.

The elites never intended for America to survive doomsday and neither does the most high, Ahayah. The goal the elites had for America was to fight all of their battles in other countries, push unethical and immoral behavior to the other nations, and create high levels of chaos throughout the world. America has done her job effectively and now the dark side of the plot is coming to light. This country was nothing more than a pawn used to destabilize the planet and it did it’s job well. Unfortunately, some people aren’t going to accept this until it’s too late.

Scene 2: “Smartest Man on The Cinder.” 

In this scene, Ozymandias is symbolic to Donald Trump and here’s why I say that. Trump feels as if he can save America and return it to it’s “peak” state, but this is impossible. There’s no turning back for the country. No matter what bills are passed or how well the economy is supposedly doing, it won’t get better. We have fallen too far down the pit to climb back out now.

Now the comedian is what you would call a realist or someone who accepts reality as it is. He is correct when he says “justice is coming to all of us. No matter what the fuck we do.” There isn’t a thing anybody can do to stop the impending doom because it was prophesied many years ago. He burns a hole through the middle of the American map and states that Ozymandias or Trump, will be nothing but the “smartest man on the cinder” after everything is finished. America cannot be saved no matter what any public figure might tell us otherwise.

Scene 3: “There’d Still Be Danger.” 

The big issue in America right now is the talk about gun reform. In light of the recent shootings in Parkland, Florida, I think it’s important that we look at it from the angle of Dr. Manhattan or the blue guy in the suit. While a great many Americans wish to see bans on certain guns and tighter laws, I can’t help but agree with Dr. Manhattan when he states that “even without nuclear weapons there’d still be danger”. Substitute the words nuclear weapons for guns and you will understand what he means by this. There will still be danger regardless of even more gun reform. That is because the sanity of a man is more important than the actual weapon being used. All this gun reform topic is doing is dividing America even further internally.

Scene 4: “Great Plan.” 

Now before I said Ozymandias represented Donald Trump, but this time he’s going to represent the elites. In this scene he takes refuge in a pyramid like structure hidden in Antarctica as his “master” plan unfolds. Essentially the plan is to destroy several cities with nukes and then blame Dr. Manhattan for the catastrophe.  The other nations would then come together against Dr. Manhattan and the threat of all out nuclear war is destroyed. Personally I believe North Korea will take the role of Dr. Manhattan in accepting the blame for a catastrophe such as this. Along with the end of nuclear threat comes the joining of the nations to form the New World Order. Find a common enemy and everyone will hold hands and work together.

In the eyes of Ozymandias, he is restarting the world by sacrificing millions to save billions.  He suggested that his plan was a necessary crime in order to save the world from themselves. This mindset couldn’t be closer to the truth. Right now we’re on the cusp of some type of event like this happening. It might not be a nuke, but it could be anything at this point. Do you see the odd correlation between this movie and what is going on in the world today? The drills in Hawaii and Japan were forms of MK Ultra to prepare the public for what is to come, yet it went over the heads of most.

Ozymandias also stated that this was “punishment for the world flirting with world war three.” Well what is the world doing at this very moment? You guessed it. We’re flirting with the idea of world war three and we’re pretty close to it’s start. War can break out at any moment now…

Scene 5: “It’s All A Joke…”

The Comedian right before his death states that everything is a joke. After watching the movie, you will see that his character was all in for the American system. He participated fully in the heinous wars, shed innocent blood at the expense of his own pleasure, and pretty much lived immorally for most of his life. It was not until seconds before his death that he realized the American way to live is not correct at all. Everything we do and how we do it is false in some sort of way. Sports, entertainment, the economy, our politics are all just a game that has come to it’s end. Like the comedian said, it’s all one big joke….